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TBT: Top of the world ma!

Top of the world ma!
TBT… 2009, Glacier Point, Yosemite National Park. It was such a beautiful day to remember a good friend.

June 8, 2009 Today I took my annual ride to remember my good friend. Decided this year to take a trip up to one of our favorite spots. As I sat up on the top of the world, with the bright sunny sky to my left, and the dark clouds spitting thunder and lightening to the right, I couldn’t help but wonder if Mike had something to do with the show as it was unlike anything I’ve ever seen. Days like these are few and far between, we should all slow down from time to time and take in what nature has to offer. Thank you Mike… Message received!!!

Looks like it’s Spring here in August!

Looks like it's Spring here in August!
Holy smokes, look what else came in today. New Race Tech fork springs for Ol’ Yeller. It’s like Christmas only better! Special thanks to Alan Bryant at True Value Homecenter in Oakhurst. They are also a WPS distributor and Alan is an enthusiast who likes to help out other enthusiasts by offering awesome deals. I’m thankful to have such a great shop up here in the sticks which has the ability to get me the parts I need usually within a few days.

True Value Homecenter

Race Tech

New shoes for Ol’ Yeller

New shoes for Ol' YellerThere’s not much available for the old dog with its bastard of a 16″ front wheel, but I was happy with the old Bridgestone BT016 that I was using, so I was happy to find Bridgestone still carries my tire size and I picked up a set of BT-S20 for cheap through Chaparral Motorsports. They had the best prices and these bad boys were delivered to my door in two days. I can’t wait to get them on the bike.

Chaparral Motorsports

Bridgestone Tires

Feeling revitalized!

Felling revitalized
All back together and shined up. I tell ya, I’ve learned more about my bikes in the past few months than I have ever before. Thanks to good friends who are willing to take the time to explain things and continually listen to all of my stupid questions. 🙂

RK Racing Chains

Driven Racing

Maxima Racing Oils

Repsol Tech Day

Repsol Tech Day
Took some time to give the Repsol a little love today with fresh oil, filter and new chain and sprockets. It’s nice to have a buddy with a nice clean garage, and another buddy with a bike stand, and who used to tech for the AMA. 🙂

RK Racing Chains

Driven Racing

Maxima Racing Oils

Ready For Friendship Ride 2105

Ready For Friendship Ride 2105
All clean and ready to ride. Still a bit smokey but better than yesterday. Seems to be the new norm for Friendship Ride weekend. Should be about five degrees cooler today, so that should help.

Taking Ol’ Yeller out today, just as I did ten years ago when I started this ride. It’s hard to believe that it’s been so long since we lost Mike, but I know today will be another great day of riding, friendship and surely Mike will be with us as we twist our way through some of his favorite roads.

Friendship Ride

On Any Sunday

On Any SundaySpent the day getting Ol’ Yeller some much needed shop time. Pulled the carbs to find that one of the diagrams was torn and some of the hoses are pretty worn and need to be replaced. Parts are on order and I hope to have my old friend back on the road very soon.

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